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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Generation Force Sneak Peek: What to Look For

 With the GENF SP just 2 days away,  most players already know what the chase cards are and will be trying to rip everyone off for them. The bulk of this new set doesn't really interest me, but we're going to take a look at the cards that do catch my eye. Feel free to leave comments and tell me which cards you're looking forward to most.

The Wind-Up Archtype
This archtype has a Black Whirlwind that you can run in 3's, and the monsters have varied effects that can either help you, or hurt your opponent. These cards may get overlooked, so pick them up while you can. The aforementioned "Black Whirlwind" card, Wind-Up Factory, is a Super Rare, and that will probably be the highest rarity these cards will reach, except for their boss monster, Wind-Up Zenmaister.

Blue-Blooded Oni (Super Rare)
With the few Zombie support cards in this set, I can see some players trying to bring the deck back to the top tiers. This card will most likely go for around $4, but if Zombies do take off, it could reach around $7-$10.

Pain Painter (Secret Rare)
This is what makes Zombies interesting again. If you don't believe they'll make it back near the top, trade this immediately while the hype is up. 

Orient Dragon (Secret Rare)
As a Plant player, this is the card that interests me the most. Currently, the only level 6 Dragon-type Synchro we have is Iron Chain Dragon, and it's milling effect is terrible against decks that revolve around the Graveyard like so many of today's decks do. With most (all) Plant decks using Debris Dragon and either Ryko or Doppelwarrior, this is a 1-card out to cards like Shi En, Stardust Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon, and every other Synchro monster that doesn't negate effects (looking at you, Shooting Quasar). Expect this to reach near Tour Guide prices.

Smashing Horn (Secret Rare)
This card can turn the game around. Don't you hate when you make a big play just to have your opponent use Solemn Warning? This card turns that Warning into a waste of 2000 Life Points. Not only that, but this card can also destroy cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh and Steelswarm Roach when they try to negate your monster summons.

HERO Support 
The Masked HERO and Vision HERO cards finally make their way to the TCG, and they are bound to be sought after by all the HERO players out there. Vision HERO Adoration has the highest rarity at Secret Rare, so watch out for those, and the Ultra Rare Elemental HERO Nova Master.

Steelswarm Roach (Secret Rare)
This is another huge card from this set. It can be used in almost any deck, and can negate 2 of your opponent's Special Summons. This is already looking to be even more expensive than Orient Dragon, so this is definitely the card to look for.


  1. Note: Smashing Horn cannot negate effects like Solemn Warning unless the warning is negating an Inherent Special Summon or a Normal Summon. If Warning is negating Monster Reborn you cannot use Smashing Horn because Monster Reborn is not a monster.

  2. Excellent point, I probably should have mentioned that.