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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!? The REAL September 2013 Format

Take everything you know about Yugioh and throw it out the window! Yesterday, Konami revealed that not only are we getting a different ban list than the OCG, but we'll have a new list every four months. Let's look at our crazy list.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Update: I'VE BEEN HAD! The List That Isn't Ours

Hello, AverageDuelists! I'm finally back after taking some time off. I was playing (and doing pretty well) a few months ago with Chain Beat, but life has this nasty habit of getting in the way of Yugioh. A couple days ago, a list was posted with Giant Trunade replacing Heavy Storm, and a new rule where only 6 Dragon Ruler cards could be used per deck. The real list, however, is much better. In my opinion, this is looking to be the best format we've had in quite a while. The took care of pretty much every problem in the game right now. Let's have a look;