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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's like Christmas morning! And you got a bunch of underwear....

In case you've been in a coma for the past few days, here's the next 6 months of Yugioh.
  • Restricted
Chaos Sorcerer - Didn't really need to go to 1.
Tragoedia - Good one. Gorz is at 1, and Trag has been seeing a lot more play lately.
Necro Gardna - This could've went to 2. This hurts LS, but not as much as some other things on the list. Many potential decks also get hurt by this, which is unnecessary.
Necroface - I played a Necroface mill a few months ago, and it was a pain. This is good, but not entirely needed.
Mezuki - Zombie killer. This is the card that put Zombies back on top. This is a good idea.
Lightlord Summoner - Lumina - Really hurts LS. I'd rather they restrict/ban Judgment Dragon instead, but this really puts a damper on the LS strategy.
Burial from a Different Dimension - I guess with Mezuki at 1, Zombie players would've used more of these. I don't feel it needed restricted.
Foolish Burial - This is a good spot for this. Although, most decks just use 1 anyway.
Destiny Draw - Completely destroys anything with D Heroes in it. I guess this will make players think outside the "throw in D Hero engine" mindset.
Charge of the Light Brigade - Even more LS hate. If RotA was at 1, this should be also.
Allure of Darkness - Slows down many decks. Blackwings, Zombies, and any dark decks get hurt by this. Personally, I believe this should've stayed at 2.
Mind Crush - With Dustshoot staying at 1, I don't know why this needed limited.
Magical Explosion - You know how Konami hates OTKs. I didn't see this card being played anyway.

  • Semi Restricted
Cyber Dragon
- I like this, although with Cyber Dragon Zwei, there will probably be an uprising in Chimeratech decks.
Demise - King of Armageddon - Get ready to see alot of attempts at Demise OTK. Without Metamorphosis and 1 Advanced Ritual Art, it won't be as consistent, but I wouldn't count it out as a threat.
Dandylion - Gives Monarchs a chance. Plant decks can also benefit.
Treeborn Frog - Frog decks and Monarchs get a boost.
Black Whirlwind - Blackwings needed something done, and this is ok. It would be nice if Vayu made the list as well, but we'll have to settle for this.
United We Stand - No problems here
Royal Decree - I don't know the reason for this. Even if Decree makes it into the side deck, nobody uses more than 2 anyway.
Royal Oppression - Hurts anti meta decks a bit, but not a big deal.
Skill Drain - Same as above. Most recent Skill Drain variants have only been using 2 anyway.

  • Unrestricted
Mask of Darkness - More monarch support if you plan on going with the Reckless build.
Smashing Ground - Along with Fissure, maybe Gadgets will shine again, but I don't think many other decks will be using this card.

Overall, this list hurt some of the current top decks, such as Lightsworn and Zombies, while others like Blackwings went basically untouched. The loss of 1 Whirlwind and 1 Allure doesn't seem like a big hit. Absolute Zero and decks that just toss in the D Hero Draw engine took a big loss with the D Draw. In my opinion, instead of limiting Lumina and Charge, they could have just restricted Judgment Dragon. The LS toolbox isn't as hard to deal with as a giant field-clearing monster with a negligible summon requirement and cost. My prediction is that Blackwings will stay on top, along with Gladiator Beasts, while X Sabers reach tier 2-1.5, and Infernities take over when The Shining Darkness is released. We might even see Gravekeepers shoot up in popularity with all their new cards from ABPF.

Deck Profile: The Sky's on Fire!

Here's a fun deck I was working on a while ago. I feel it's pointless to post this so close to the new format, but until the list comes out, I have nothing to blog about.

Monsters: 22
  • 2x Flying Fortress Sky Fire
  • 3x Summon Reactor 
  • 2x Spell Reactor  
  • 2x Trap Reactor

Essential to the deck.

  • 3x Mystic Tomato
  • 1x Sangan
  • 2x Armageddon Knight
  • 1x Black Salvo

Tomatoes can search out the Spell and Trap reactors, as well as PoC, Sangan, and Armageddon Knight to set up the next turn. Armageddon Knight sends the parts to the graveyard to be revived with Dark Creator, Salvo, or PoC. Salvo revives Trap Reactor, and I can syncro in a pinch.

  • 1x Dark Armed Dragon
  • 3x The Dark Creator
  • 2x Phantom of Chaos

DAD is DAD. The Dark Creators can revive anything in the deck, besides Sky Fire, and can be used with Trade In. The PoCs can use TDC's effect, and there should be no problem getting them in the graveyard.

Spells: 8
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Giant Trunade
  • 1x Brain Control
  • 2x Allure of Darkness
  • 3x Trade In
All but 2 monsters in the deck are dark, and everything besides the reactor monsters can be removed. Trade In lets me dump The Dark Creator for PoC use, and lets me replace a drawn Sky Fire for something more useful.

Traps: 11

  • 1x Torrential Tribute
  • 1x Mirror Force
  • 1x Call of the Haunted
  • 1x Solemn Judgment
  • 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
Basically staples with some protection. The Solemn keeps my monsters alive or does what Solemn does.

  • 2x Anti Spell Fragrance 
  • 3x Fake Explosion
Spell Fragrance makes my opponent  waste a card if they want to activate a spell while Sky Fire is on the field, and Fake Explosion is some protection while easily bringing out the Summon Reactor.

So the purpose of the deck is to get Sky Fire on the field quickly, then shut down your opponent with his effect and Spell Fragrance. There is plenty of draw power and the dump/revive tactic will make sure you get your reactors on the field for Sky Fire.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Encounter: 2/13/10: Me vs Phil

Game 1

Game 2

This was the first tournament I've been to since around Christmas. I didn't really have a deck made, so I threw together Rex Mendoza's SJC deck because I don't have any Divas. First round, I played a kid with some kind of JD-less twilight. I opened ridiculous with Trooper, Book of Life, and Mezuki. Trooper milled Zombie Master and Plaguespreader. Needless to say, that round was over quickly. Next, I played Phil with Zombies, then Jason with Destiny Zombies. Both were great matches, but unfortunately, I didn't get either on video. The videos above are from my top 4 match against Phil. I then lost to Jason to make 2nd place.

Feel free to comment on the match, and share your thoughts as to what should or shouldn't have been done.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are many Yugioh blogs out there created by players that consider themselves good at this game. This is not one of them.

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I am CrashLove37, and I am an average duelist. I've been playing the TCG since it was released in the US, and have been to quite a few regionals, a couple SJC's, and too many locals to count. I'm also a part of the infamous Team Jarvis (currently on hiatus). My highest "achievement" in this game is going 7-3 at an SJC in College Park, Maryland a couple years ago. Probably 95% of my regionals have ended with me going x-3, which, as I've said before, is quite average.

I created this blog to put my thoughts as an average player onto the internet where they will probably go unseen forever. Some of the things I'm going to post will be some random deck ideas, like my Gravekeeper/Blackwing deck I used this format with fair results, thoughts about cards and banlists, and just my thoughts about the game in general. I know I'm not alone in my quest to be a better player, so if you are also an average duelist, feel free to follow this blog and share your thoughts. :)