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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Encounter: 2/13/10: Me vs Phil

Game 1

Game 2

This was the first tournament I've been to since around Christmas. I didn't really have a deck made, so I threw together Rex Mendoza's SJC deck because I don't have any Divas. First round, I played a kid with some kind of JD-less twilight. I opened ridiculous with Trooper, Book of Life, and Mezuki. Trooper milled Zombie Master and Plaguespreader. Needless to say, that round was over quickly. Next, I played Phil with Zombies, then Jason with Destiny Zombies. Both were great matches, but unfortunately, I didn't get either on video. The videos above are from my top 4 match against Phil. I then lost to Jason to make 2nd place.

Feel free to comment on the match, and share your thoughts as to what should or shouldn't have been done.

1 comment:

  1. The first match you opened with like a god like hand xD and Tragodia is beast I swear. Is he right about the Dustshoot ruling? Will you not be able to right anything dwn anymore?