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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's like Christmas morning! And you got a bunch of underwear....

In case you've been in a coma for the past few days, here's the next 6 months of Yugioh.
  • Restricted
Chaos Sorcerer - Didn't really need to go to 1.
Tragoedia - Good one. Gorz is at 1, and Trag has been seeing a lot more play lately.
Necro Gardna - This could've went to 2. This hurts LS, but not as much as some other things on the list. Many potential decks also get hurt by this, which is unnecessary.
Necroface - I played a Necroface mill a few months ago, and it was a pain. This is good, but not entirely needed.
Mezuki - Zombie killer. This is the card that put Zombies back on top. This is a good idea.
Lightlord Summoner - Lumina - Really hurts LS. I'd rather they restrict/ban Judgment Dragon instead, but this really puts a damper on the LS strategy.
Burial from a Different Dimension - I guess with Mezuki at 1, Zombie players would've used more of these. I don't feel it needed restricted.
Foolish Burial - This is a good spot for this. Although, most decks just use 1 anyway.
Destiny Draw - Completely destroys anything with D Heroes in it. I guess this will make players think outside the "throw in D Hero engine" mindset.
Charge of the Light Brigade - Even more LS hate. If RotA was at 1, this should be also.
Allure of Darkness - Slows down many decks. Blackwings, Zombies, and any dark decks get hurt by this. Personally, I believe this should've stayed at 2.
Mind Crush - With Dustshoot staying at 1, I don't know why this needed limited.
Magical Explosion - You know how Konami hates OTKs. I didn't see this card being played anyway.

  • Semi Restricted
Cyber Dragon
- I like this, although with Cyber Dragon Zwei, there will probably be an uprising in Chimeratech decks.
Demise - King of Armageddon - Get ready to see alot of attempts at Demise OTK. Without Metamorphosis and 1 Advanced Ritual Art, it won't be as consistent, but I wouldn't count it out as a threat.
Dandylion - Gives Monarchs a chance. Plant decks can also benefit.
Treeborn Frog - Frog decks and Monarchs get a boost.
Black Whirlwind - Blackwings needed something done, and this is ok. It would be nice if Vayu made the list as well, but we'll have to settle for this.
United We Stand - No problems here
Royal Decree - I don't know the reason for this. Even if Decree makes it into the side deck, nobody uses more than 2 anyway.
Royal Oppression - Hurts anti meta decks a bit, but not a big deal.
Skill Drain - Same as above. Most recent Skill Drain variants have only been using 2 anyway.

  • Unrestricted
Mask of Darkness - More monarch support if you plan on going with the Reckless build.
Smashing Ground - Along with Fissure, maybe Gadgets will shine again, but I don't think many other decks will be using this card.

Overall, this list hurt some of the current top decks, such as Lightsworn and Zombies, while others like Blackwings went basically untouched. The loss of 1 Whirlwind and 1 Allure doesn't seem like a big hit. Absolute Zero and decks that just toss in the D Hero Draw engine took a big loss with the D Draw. In my opinion, instead of limiting Lumina and Charge, they could have just restricted Judgment Dragon. The LS toolbox isn't as hard to deal with as a giant field-clearing monster with a negligible summon requirement and cost. My prediction is that Blackwings will stay on top, along with Gladiator Beasts, while X Sabers reach tier 2-1.5, and Infernities take over when The Shining Darkness is released. We might even see Gravekeepers shoot up in popularity with all their new cards from ABPF.

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