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Monday, August 22, 2011

Deck Profile: Lucksworn

Lightsworns got a nice boost from the new ban list by unlimiting their ridiculously powerful boss monster, Judgment Dragon, semi-limiting Necro Gardna, and bringing BLS from 0 to 1. These cards don't make the deck any more consistent, like semi-limiting Lumina or Charge would, but they make the deck more explosive and luck based. The earlier you can summon JD/BLS, the sooner you'll win.

Yesterday, before locals, I threw together a quick Lightsworn deck for the September format, just to test some things out. Out of the 16 or so games I played, I won 13 of them, and most of the games ended with multiple Judgment Dragons and a Black Luster Soldier. The deck doesn't even include Tour Guide (due to it being $150+), so just imagine if that were in here.
Lightsworn Monsters
These are (obviously) the main cards of the deck . They knock around your opponent until you can explode with your multiple 3000 ATK monsters. I'm not sure how I feel about the Wulfs. It's always bad when you draw them, but when they're milled, you get free 2100 ATK beaters. I'd replace them with Tour Guides if I could. The rest is the basic LS line up.
Boss Monsters
These are the cards that will end the game. Judgment Dragons are summoned for free, and you can summon as many as you want per turn. Just use your first one to blow up the field, and feel free to swarm.
Filler Monsters
Using so little traps and the explosiveness of the upcoming format makes Gorz pretty essential. Tragoedia is used for the same reason, to stop OTKs. Veiler is necessary to keep the opponent's Tour Guides and such from giving them too much advantage. As the best Graveyard-based Tuners, PSZ and Bulb fit in nicely and gives you access to Synchros like Trishula.
Spell Cards
We have the basic staples, and the LS cards, Charge and Recharge. Avarice helps in the off chance that you mill all your Judgment Dragons and Beckoning Lights, or if you just need to draw something new. Gold Sarc is not only good for grabbing your big monsters, but also for setting up your OTK by grabbing Heavy Storm, or other cards that will help you. I feel there is no reason not to use 3 MST in decks based on swarming with huge monsters.
Trap Cards
 This is the only trap you need. You can dump your unneeded cards, and grab your milled JDs or BLS.

This deck is very easy to use, as long as you open with a decent hand.


  1. Looks good. The only suggestion I have, site wise, is that I love that you link to the individual card pages on Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia, but could you have them open in a new window? It's just good practice to not assume people will hit the back button. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into a way to make that happen. I didn't see an option to link to a new window, but I'm sure there's a way to do that.