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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Time for Chaos [Ban List September 2011]

When a new ban list is first revealed, it turns the Yugioh world into chaos, but this time that's a bit more literal. Take a look.

Newly Banned
This card is pretty ridiculous, and used in the right deck, it makes OTKs. Some TCG players might not understand why Fishborg got hit so hard, but we don't have Shooting Quasar Dragon like the OCG does. It just sucks for those who pulled the Super Rare version from Turbo Pack 6.
Another instant Shooting Quasar Dragon. This card was at 1 to deter OTKs, but with Quasar being so powerful, and all the new Psychic cards making it easily accessible,  this needed banned.
You know what this means, right? Trunade is a very powerful Spell card that gets rid of your opponent's Spells and Traps for a turn so you can swarm safely. Since it doesn't destroy anything, the only way to stop it is to have something that negates any Spell card.
Personally, with the way the rest of the list is, I feel this should have stayed at 1. Stun decks won't necessarily miss it since they still have 3 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, but other decks could use this after they've swarmed the field to prevent their opponent from doing the same.

Newly Limited
"OMG WTF SHENANIGANS!!!!!" Is what the entire player base may have cried a few years ago, but we've seen even more powerful monsters come and go since this guy was the boss. The big threat here is that any deck with a few dark monsters and Ryko/Cydra/Veiler can splash this beast. Btw, Chaos Sorcerer is still at 3, so expect to see a lot of banishing going on.
Everyone knows how frustrating it is when your opponent goes first and summons 2 of these guys. You have to waste so many resources to even stand a chance. Samurai players won't have much trouble adapting, as they can easily go into Naturia Beast or Barkion to back Shi En up.
Every deck based around this card is too powerful, so what does that tell you? It was much too easy to make 2 of these and multiple Formula Synchron for seemingly infinite pluses. It's still a great card at 1, but not so overpowered.
Plants is one of the most troublesome decks in the OCG and TCG, and this card makes an instant Black Rose Dragon or Trishula. I think that's enough of a reason to limit it.
With Fishborg and Mind Master banned, Librarian and a lot of Plant support at 1, isn't it a little harsh to limit this card? Absolutely not. As long as there are easily accessible level 1 Tuners, this card with be a problem.
The heart of the Plant engine, this card needed to go to 1. Without the OCG priority ruling, there's nothing to stop this card, besides negating its summon.
When this card was legal, everyone wanted it banned. When it was banned, everyone wanted it legal. The difference between this and Trunade is that you can stop this with cards like Starlight Road, the Stardust Dragon family, and Musakani Magatama. With this and Dark Hole being legal, Starlight Road may just become a staple.
Wait, what? What the hell does that card even do? Oh yeah! It lets you add the Effect Veiler you removed to summon BLS to your Hand. This is actually a smart move by Konami that I'm sure many players wouldn't have thought about.
If RotA is at 1, this should be at 1 as well. Every Smoke Signal is an extra Kageki or Kagemusha that you can use to summon a 1st turn Shi En.
The final nail in Plants' coffin? This also hurts Piper Chaos, Fableds, and other decks that relied on recycling. It also makes Reborn Tengu a smaller threat than it was.

Newly Semi-Limited
With Rescue Cat gone, this isn't the instant OTK it once was, but it's still a powerful card. It's a Level 8 Synchro for the cost of a Spell Card. I would definitely use this in Scraps. It's an instant Scrap Dragon, and gives access to Arcanite Magician.

Not much to say about this. It's easily summoned, can steal your opponent's monsters, and can be used to summon any level Synchro with the right cards in your grave. Gadgets will have fun with this at 2.
Another reason to use Twilight (the deck, not the awful book/movie). This gives Lightsworn a small boost, but doesn't compare what some other cards on the list give them.
There's a complicated OTK using this card. I'm not 100% sure if it's still viable with this list, but I bet that's why this is back to 2.
Give D Heroes a chance! The Destiny Hero engine was what everyone splashed before Plants were cool. D Draw being at 1 killed it. Now with all the new HERO support and the crippling of the Plant engine, maybe we'll see these cards rise back to the top.
Konami sure likes to throw some curve balls at us. With the game currently being whoever wins the dice roll wins the game, maybe this is an attempt to slow it down a bit.
With so much searching in the game, this is a great side deck card.. There's really no reason it should have been at 1 anyway.
Remember what I said about curve balls? I have no idea what to even think about this. I guess putting a lot of important monsters and Avarice at 1, they figured a little extra recursion won't hurt.

Newly Unlimited
Really guys? You took one of the sackiest decks and made it more sacky? Special Summon JD, blow everything up, Normal Summon, Special BLS, gg? This is another reason to main/side Starlight Road.
Whatever happened to "This game should be about monsters destroying other monsters"? Something along those lines was said when Reaper went to 1. Not a big deal, but things could get really annoying really fast.
Heavy Storm, Future Fusion, Overload, gg? Effect Veiler/Battle Fader/Starlight Road/Stardust all exist, so this isn't as likely as it was way back when.
Heavy Storm AND 3 MSTs? What kind of sorcery is this!? The kind that hates you setting 4 backrow on your first turn.
Nobody cares. It wasn't used at 2 anyway.
Oh, Gravity Bind, ok.......WHAT???? I remember a time when all stall cards were getting limited because the game was too slow. Now, we're getting 2 Swords, 3 Reapers, and 3 Binds. I guess that explains the 3 MSTs.
It's about time Blackwings get something back after losing so much to the last few lists. Yet another reason to main/side Starlight Road ;)

So that's it! If we follow the pattern Konami has set, this will be our list, plus Trishula at 1 to match the OCG. There is, however, a chance we'll get our own list, seeing how the TCG and OCG have different rulings on Ignition Effects and Xyz Material Monsters. The only way to know for sure is to wait for Konami of America to post the official TCG list on Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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