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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Locals Report: Back on the East Side Pt.2

I barely made it to the locals today, but I'm glad I did.

Round 1 vs. Black Jason (T.G. Agent)
Game 1, he won, I won the second game, and in game 3, I drew terribly.

Round 2 vs. Dimensional Eatos
Game 1, he opens with Macro Cosmos and I couldn't do anything. Game 2, I summoned Trishula early and I made a 1st turn Trish in game 3.

Round 3 vs. Lightsworn
Game 1 went back and forth. I summoned Trish, and held onto my Gorz until I was at 3300. My opponent was at 1400. He summoned Judgment Dragon and I dropped Gorz and wrapped it up with a Hyperion next turn. Game 2, he opens with Charge of the Litght Brigade into Lyla and ended his turn. I grabbed Venus with Earth, and set Threatening Roar. He MST'd and set a monster. I summoned Trish next turn to remove his Neco Garnda from the field and Honest from his hand.

Round 4 vs. Vayu Turbo
Trishula and Threatening Roar really stopped him from doing anything. Game 2, The same happened, except sided Kycoos also tore his game apart.

Round 5 vs. Frog Monarch
Game 1 was close. I was down to 300LP before I was able to come back and win. Game 2, he passed a few times and I hit a few times with Venus. I summoned another Venus and Special Summoned 2 Mystical Shine Ball. I Xyz Summoned Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and tributed the 2 Venus for Krystia at 3200, which was exactly how many Life Points he had remaining. I attacked and he activated Enemy Controller, but I had Solemn Judgment face down.

Top 8 vs. Machina Gadgets
I won game 1, keeping his monsters down with Herald of Orange Light. He won game 2 with a surprise Limiter Removal. In game 3, I was at very low Life Points, but was able to come back thanks to Hyperion.

Top 4 split and I got 2 GENF:SE packs to pull one of each promo and an Ultimate Rare Number 17: Leviathan Dragon.

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