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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rulebook Update: Fast Effects and "Priority"

As you probably all know by now, the OCG's priority ruling is now in effect for the TCG. Konami presents the change in this crazy graph.You may be thinking "this doesn't say anything about priority..." and you're right. It does explain what you as the turn player can and can't do following a Normal Summon (among other things), and activating a monster's Ignition Effect without giving your opponent a chance to respond isn't one of them.


NEW TERM! Fast Effects - Card activations and effects with a Spell Speed of 2 or higher.
This is the new general term for Monster Quick Effects, Quick-Play Spells, Trap Cards, and the effects of face-up Continuous Trap Cards.

CLARIFICIATION! Another addition to the rulebook is the Open Game State.This occurs when neither player wants to do anything. During this state, the turn player has complete freedom and is the only time the player can perform the following actions.
  • Normal Summon
  • Set a card
  • Perform a Special Summon that doesn't start a chain (Synchro/Xyz/Inherent)
  • Change the position of a Monster
  • Attempt to move to the next Phase/Step
  • Draw for your normal draw in the Draw Phase
  • Declare an attack
  • Activate an Ignition Effect
  • Activate a Normal Spell Card or a Spell Speed 1 effect
After the turn player takes an action that does not start a chain, the turn player has priority to activate a Fast Effect. If the turn player passes priority, the opponent can then activate a Fast Effect. If neither player wants to activate a Fast Effect, the game state is again open.

If the turn player takes an action that does start a chain, the opponent then has the option to activate an appropriate effect as the next link in the chain, and so on.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Basically, everything you already knew is still accurate, except that now, activating an Igntion Effect is not something you as the turn player can do immediately after you summon a Monster. If you do not wish to activate a Fast Effect, the opponent now has the opportunity to activate one before you can activate the Ignition Effect. What this means is, your opponent can now activate Effect Veiler before you have the chance to activate the effect of Rescue Rabbit, Lonefire Blossom, Infernity Mirage, and so on.

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