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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MOAR GOLD?!?!? No, just crap...

The rest of the Gold Series 4 cards were recently revealed, and there's almost nothing of interest there. First, let's take a look at some of the previously unreleased/long out of print cards
Here, we have a good amount of old video game promos, McDonald's promos, Jump subscription cards, and a few new cards to the TCG. Eternal Drought and Eradicating Aerosol finish up the old "Type-based Raigeki" cards for us, and Genesis and Shunoros are there for the UK market. Now, we'll look at some old Tournament Pack cards, some of which were reprinted already in Dark Beginnings 2. These are all fusion substitute monsters.
 A decent chunk of the confirmed commons are secret rares from the late GX-era sets. This includes the rest of the cards from the Japanese Surge of Radiance and Curse of Darkness structure decks that haven't been reprinted yet. Even though, none of them are very playable anymore, it's nice to see them reprinted, and to have an easily accessible Magic Formula for collectors who don't want to spend $90 on an unplayable card.
 We'll end the article with a look at some wtf cards with a few decent ones thrown in there.
Toon Dark Magician Girl was released twice within a short time of each other, and Injection Fairy Lily isn't so easy to come by, but we have many versions of  Soul Exchange and Toon World. I really see no reason to reprint Robbin' Goblin and Xing Zhen Hu, and seriously, what's the deal with Wicked Worm Beast? Trade-In and DDV are nice, though.

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